Thunder Power originated in Omaha, Nebraska during the summer of 2006 when a solo project of avant-garde songwriter Matthew Hutton turned into a duo with the addition of percussionist Jason Koba. By early 2007, the group blossomed into an experimental folk outfit complete with two full time woodwind players, brothers Ian and Will Simons. But subscribing to an adopted artsy, lo-fi aesthetic (something like Lou Barlow meets David Lynch) wasn't cutting it for the group.


So they decided to drop any pretense and focus instead on the emotive qualities of the sounds they all grew up loving: kitschy, heartfelt pop music. All was well in swapping clarinets and saxophones for keyboards and bass guitars and also bringing in a fresh face with lead guitarist Alex Boardman. Simple songs, cheerful in melody but somber in content came forth, along with the eventual addition of lead singer Kacynna Tompsett, whose earthy "old soul" vocals are now counterbalanced delicately with lush instrumentation.Yes, Thunder Power's music draws a listener in with an earnestness that makes a dreary day a little less dreary, lofting in the realms of murky, folk-laden ballads and chamber pop soirees.



In 2009, Thunder Power embarked on multiple nationwide tours, released two EPs (following up their debut 2008 release, "Love Yourself" via Slumber Party Records), recorded a Daytrotter session and made an appearance at the CMJ Music Marathon '09, solidifying themselves as among the best of a batch of upcoming bands out of the still hot Omaha music scene.